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Our main focus is to ensure that customer ’s needs are met using high service standards for existing, as well as new Dermatological products. A constant priority is a strict compliance with worldwide standards in quality, safety, and environment, and we take pride in the fact that these are an integral part of our company’s everyday work. The Manufacturing & Technical Operations teams manage all the supply activities, including purchasing and plant and contractor supply chain leadership. We strive to maintain optimal performance while encouraging employees to be innovative in every area.Sedge has a reputation as a leader in the dermatology community because of its strong commitment to the research and development of new dermatological solutions and aesthetic and corrective products that restore and improve the health of the skin. In addition to being significant medical issues, the skin diseases and conditions we treat can have strong psychological and social implications in the everyday lives of our patients. Innovative products like those developed by Sedge offer medical solutions to resolve these conditions and help people improve their quality of life.