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Dermatology – Our Key Goal - SEDGE Bioceuticals India Pvt. Ltd.

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Dermatology – Our Key Goal

At Sedge we have always been passionate about what we do. Our skin protects us first and foremost, we use it to touch and feel, to cool down and to show our emotions. It is our interface with the world and that is what makes it so unique. As we work with our partners in the Dermatology community we continue to learn more about the science of skin and to understand not only the physical but also the psychological effects of different skin diseases and conditions. We know that healthy skin is vital for our personal well-being. As today’s society imposes its ideals of beauty and underlines the role of physical appearance in personal and professional success, even a benign skin disease or condition, because it is visible, can have a negative impact on patients, such as loss of self-esteem. This can have far-reaching consequences, causing patients to become introverted and unsociable and it certainly prevents them from living their lives to the fullest. With the ageing population on the increase, the importance of looking youthful cannot be underestimated. As the older generation leads busy lives and takes an active part in society, they also have higher expectations with regards to their appearance and their need to ‘look the way they feel’. We recognises the importance of having healthy skin at any age and is focused on finding effective medical dermatology solutions for a whole range of skin diseases and conditions so that patients can be treated successfully and can maintain healthy skin throughout their lives.