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About Us - SEDGE Bioceuticals India Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

SEDGE Bioceuticals India Pvt. Ltd.

SEDGE Bioceuticals India Pvt. Ltd. is an innovation-led Indian multinational Company. Right from research to formulation development, the company is committed to offer Conceptive world Class Products yet affordable for all. With its network of subsidiaries and representative offices, Sedge has bookmarked its presence globally in India and Overseas since last Two Decades. Our organic and consistent growth attributed to the experienced team of professionals in the healthcare industry.

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Vision & Mission

Futuristic Scientific approach to Cosmetology At Sedge, Life is beyond the paradigm of ‘Cure’… It nurtures the bonds of holistic Health Care. We envision to be the preferred global healthcare provider of 21st century with the high quality, innovative yet affordable product range. While by sustainably being so, we shall be an indomitable ‘Force of Goodness’- a proud ONE SEDGE family that integrates touching millions of lives globally.

A GREAT Technology

SEDGE Bioceuticals India Pvt Ltd

Established in 2010, Sedge has constantly been striving to offer effective solutions to the day-to-day challenges that cosmetologists, dermatologists' pediatricians encounter in their practice. Extensive market research and state-of-the-art R&D are the tools we employ to bring out innovative and effective solutions for these challenges.
  • World-Class Research & Development and Manufacturing Partner Facilities.
  • International Accreditations such as WHO GMP, PICS, PPB, NDA, TFDA, etc. Ensure the Highest Standard of Quality.
  • Innovative Formulations in Widespread Dosage Forms.
  • Consumer Healthcare as well as Specialty care serving in clinical Dermatology & Aesthetic Cosmetology segment.
  • Global Supply Chain Network.