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Sedge is Research Driven healthcare company. We provide high-quality, evidence based and safe medicines trusted by healthcare professionals and patients in over 120 countries. We attribute our growth and success to our over 6,000 strong multi-cultural workforce from over 30 different nationalities. We provide competitive environment people are continuously nurtured motivated to become an asset. Our team has taken Sedge to the heights that it has scaled and is now working to take it further up on its high growth trajectory.

Our people are our most valuable asset. Our culturally diverse workforce is one of our biggest strengths and the rich experience they bring, across varied skill-sets and backgrounds, is invaluable. We are proud that our global workforce is bound together by our common values.

We are committed to hiring exceptionally talented people and nurture them professionally. Our multi-dimensional work environment offers high growth opportunities through challenging roles with clear responsibilities and the opportunity to work on a variety of assignments. At Sedge, our employees are provided with opportunities to enhance their technical and soft skills through continuous training and development programs.

As an employee of Sedge, you will work with an inspiring, approachable and visionary leadership. Our open, enabling and trust-based culture will offer you an exciting environment to work and grow.

Life @ Sedge


As a fast growing organisation, our team members are always presented with challenging opportunities and a wide variety of responsibilities. They are empowered with the freedom to execute and truly enjoy their work.


We have a strong belief in a performance-oriented culture. Our team members are recruited, rewarded and given opportunities in the organisation purely based on their merit. The backbone of our meritocratic culture is the Performance Management System which has been put in place with the objective of evaluating our employees’ performance in a fair and transparent manner.

Autonomy and Entrepreneurship

Our culture encourages individuals to take risks, be pioneering and enterprising in their respective domains, while always striving for excellence. This is achieved by giving them freedom and letting them discover their true potential at work. We take pride in the fact that our employees are given responsibility early in their careers. This helps foster entrepreneurship within the entire organisation.

Creativity and Innovation

Entrepreneurial culture is all about envisioning opportunities and capitalising on them. This, we believe, paves the way to innovation. At Sedge, an innovator need not necessarily be a part of the Research & Development team only. Thus, creativity becomes a pivotal element of our culture and is part and parcel of every employee’s daily work routine.

Employee Recognition

In our organisation, there is a continuous and conscious effort to recognise excellence in performance through various programmes implemented across the company. Prompt and instant recognition is given to employees for exceptional performance through various recognition schemes. Regional and functional awards facilitate the recognition of employees’ involvement and inputs towards the realisation of goals.

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Sedge is a leading pharmaceutical company focused exclusively on dermatology. For over many years, the Company has harnessed insights of scientific discovery to develop innovative dermatology solutions for patients and physicians. Our dedicated staff, valued partnerships, scientific leadership and good luck have brought us great success. To further that success, dermatology company Sedge is engaged in active outreach to the best scientific organizations worldwide. Because we embrace the best ideas in science, building effective collaborations of all kinds – from early stage development to late stage licensing – is a priority for Sedge.

The Company forms licensing partnerships around innovative product candidates and technologies. Sedge is most interested in opportunities that have a well-validated target, a novel mechanism of action, well-characterized pharmaceutical properties, a strong intellectual property position and preclinical or clinical data. Dermatology company Sedge’s technology licensing agreements must be science driven, provide access to technology that extends our existing programs and are consistent with our research strategies.

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